What Are The Cigar Accessories One Must Have?

Cigar smokers would swear by a few accessories which they would need surely to enjoy their smoke. There are some must have cigar accessories which every cigarette smoker must acquire to make their experience with smoking a memorable and enjoyable one.

Cigar cutter

A cutter is one of the must have cigar accessories that you must invest on. You can even cut a cigar by teeth, but that’s not a great idea. Cutting a cigar by teeth can make the shape bad, and give you an unsatisfied smoke. Also this is a strain on the teeth while fetching you odd looks when you are in public. A much prestigious way to cut a cigar is to use a cutter. And there a few types of cutters.

  • A double bladed guillotine is a good cutter, which would help you cut the cigar from both sides. There are single bladed guillotines too.
  • Your next choice is a punch cutter. This is a blade that is sharp as a razor, and has a circular shape. To cut a cigar the punch cutter is pushed on to the cigar head gently. And this way an opening is developed in the cigar for you to light it up.
  • The hole pierced by a V-cutter would be different. This is another type of cutter that will make a notched hole on the cigar head. When you cut a cigar with a V-cutter then you receive much less tobacco bits in the mouth, and your tongue can steer clear of the loose bits.


Humidors as the name suggests are for maintaining a humidity level for the cigars. You cannot keep your cigars in the open. That will spoil their flavor, make them absorb moisture, and this way cigar can catch mold. The humidity and temperature setting inside a humidor is such that it’s similar to a tropical island.

It’s such a storage container where the air flow, humidity and temperature flow is maintained to the optimum levels for storing cigars for years. This way, cigars never lose their natural flavor. If you are looking to buy humidors online, make sure you read a good review first!


Cigar Ashtrays are always the best friends of cigar lovers. If you don’t have a good ashtray to collect the ash then you cannot enjoy the smokes in relaxed state. To sit at a place and enjoy the cigar, a good ashtray that holds a nice volume of ash for back to back smokes is a must. Top it up with some style, and you are bound to enjoy a great smoking time with your box of cigars.