The Simple Joy of Smoking a Romeo y Julieta Cigar

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My name is Max and I consider myself a Cigar Aficionado. There are many great pleasures in life but for me nothing quite compares to unwinding with a cigar. It is the fastest way to relax my mind and really enjoy the moment. While I enjoy trying different flavors and types I always seem to come back to the Romeo y Julieta. Even just saying the name has a relaxing effect.

Why cigars? I can’t tell you specifically but I guess it’s the whole process. Admiring my cigars from my wooden cigar humidor, selecting and rolling the cigars around in my fingers while marveling at the craftsmanship. Using my favourite guillotine cutter and making a precision cut then lighting it with my butane torch lighter of the moment. Then taking the first few puffs to really get it cranking.

Why Romeo y Julietas? Maybe because they were the first cigars I tasted? I can’t tell you exactly but I am always drawn to them. They were one of the first brand names in the premium cigars. They have a huge variety available in different shapes and sizes. With a sweet and woody aroma and the draw as smooth as can be, I’m sure I’m not alone when I say they are my favourite.

I had always been curious about smoking cigars after seeing many fine gentlemen seemingly relaxed and well composed. It exudes a sense of class which got me thinking – I want to be like that! Fast forward 15 years, hundreds of cigars and accessories later and I have developed a great taste for the finer things in life.

The following are my thoughts on the ever classic Romeo y Juliet 1875 cigar.

Overall Appearance:  Slightly green in color with viens. Feels good, looks good, smells good.

Base flavors: Notes of cedar wood, pepper and leather.

Filler: Cedar- aged Dominican tobacco

Wrapper: Aromatic shade grown Indonesian wrapper.

Thoughts: Drawing this cigar is soft and smooth. The flavors and aromas are sweet and woody but after some burn time the cigar gives off a tangy flavor. I would say initially the cigar is medium-bodied eventually becoming more tangy almost peppery. Moving forward the tangy flavor becomes more sweet and cedar wood like. The smoke is smooth and the ash burns evenly. If you don’t like sweet cigars then this cigar is a great choice.


Golfing and Cigars – Weekend Review

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I don’t really have a topic in mind for this post but wanted to share an awesome weekend where I unknowingly met some fellow cigar aficionados. Where else did I meet them but on the golf course. Now I’m not an avid golfer with a low handicap more so a few times a year, casual hacker who enjoys a good round of golf with good company.

Anyway, my buddy had a work function at our local course and invited me to come along to play ambrose. Ambrose is where you take a hit then your friend or other team member takes the next, working on a combined handicap. This is particularly good in my case because I’m not that great at golf. Now, my pal knows how much I enjoy cigars and has dabbled in them too. It was a sunny, crisp day so I decided to pack a couple of cigars, my cutter and lighter in amongst my golfing bag. Best idea I’ve had all year!

We get to the course, sign up, meet the other players and have a few practice putts. Next thing we are loading up the carts and heading off. We get to hole 4 and the guys in the other cart get out a cigar! I thought wow this is good, so proceeded to get mine out too. After cutting and lighting I was then absolutely blown away- the other guys had a golf cigar holder. Specifically designed to hold your cigar while you drive or take a hit! I had never heard of them before and of course the moment I got home was researching away.

Turns out they are pretty common amongst the golfing folk of the world. Of course I ordered one and will try it out next time I head to the course. Which is hopefully going to be sooner rather than later.

I’m going to share with you the research I found while choosing which one to buy. I must say that the best information I found was Best Golf Cigar Holder which reviews the best holders.

I ordered myself a Perfecto Cigar Holder. It is such a stylish, sleek and elegant cigar holder and I knew instantly that it was the one. The holder is made of nylon meaning the cigar can’t burn through the surface nor melt it. Could you imagine how bad a cigar would taste with bits of melted cigar holder attached? No thanks.

This holder can be attached to virtually anything – meaning I can use this not only on the golf course but during other activities. I hope to take it out on the boat next month. The other great thing? The holder can handle a cigar of 80 ring gauge size! That’s huge.

Anyway thought I’d share my findings with my fellow aficionados out there. Can’t wait to try it out again on the golf course and on the boat! Stay tuned.