The Importance of a Cigar Humidor

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For anyone even remotely interested in smoking cigars it pays to have a bit of knowledge about the best way to store and preserve them for the best smoking experience. The following post will explore the key things to look for in a cigar humidor, as well the the ideal conditions to store them at.

If you are looking to purchase a cigar humidor, I highly recommend you refer to the Best Cigar Humidor article from the team at Cigar Cigar Info. The post is extremely detailed and highlights not only the importance of having a humidor but also the 12 best humidors on the market at present.

Why you Need a Humidor

A humidor is used to control the climate of your cigars and have them kept in pristine condition. Cigars are meant to be kept at a very specific humidity which is the same climate where the tobacco is grown. By doing so you eliminate a lot of potential problems that could arise in your cigars.

The ideal conditions to store cigars is 70°F  (21°C) and 70% humidity. While this is ideal there is a range which is optimal and that range is as follows:

Humidity: 68-74%

Maximum Temperature: 73°F (23°C)

Without maintaining these conditions cigars will deteriorate. Generally they can last 1-2weeks but this depends heavily on the climate in which you live. There are also short term storage options such as ziploc bags with a small damp sponge but one thing you should never do is store a cigar in the refrigerator.

What Can Go Wrong Without a Humidor

The most common things that can go wrong without the correct storage of your cigars includes:

  • Your cigar burning to fast
  • Bitter taste to your cigar
  • A lot of difficulty lighting your cigar
  • Cigar may go out while smoking
  • Mold on the cigar
  • Beetle infestation within the cigar

Either way you look at it having a cigar humidor will save your cigars and yourself a lot of trouble.

Best Type of Humidor

There are literally hundreds of cigar humidors to choose from, so the choice is very much a personal one. As a rule of thumb you want it to be made from Spanish Cedar Wood. If the outside of the humidor is not wooden you definitely want the interior to be made from spanish cedar wood. The wood works to enhance the flavor of your cigars which makes them all the better to smoke.

I personally like to be able to see my cigars so I like desktop holders on my gaming desk which have glass on the top which allows me to look in and check on my cigars. There are also many humidors that have a lock and key, this is great if you have young children, grandchildren or mischievous teenagers lurking around your home. I think it also makes them look a bit more sophisticated.

There are also humidors which have little drawers or storage areas for your cigar accessories, including lighters, cutters, punches and anything else you may have.


I think this post is quite self explanatory but if you haven’t already go and buy yourself a Cigar Humidor!! The importance is huge and the benefits even bigger.


Time for a New Cigar Lighter

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I very unceremoniously lost my cigar lighter to the lake this weekend. My favorite one at that! So the time has come for me to find a replacement. I was a bit skeptical about which to choose and how much to spend so I referred back to my favorite cigar website- Cigar Cigar Info and read through their Best Cigar Lighter article a few times while musing over my options.

I was actually quite interested in trying something different. I saw the most recent article on Ram Research called Best Torch Lighter and after reading through that I thought the Saber lighter could be very interesting to try out too. I was very intrigued by the claim that the plasma technology will produce more heat than a flame. Not only this but the lighter is powered by lithium cell batteries so it is simply recharged. It takes 1 hour to charge and will last for 3 hours once full! I’m pretty interested but not completely convinced that is it my new cigar lighter!


Figuring out what I want was actually quite a difficult task. I know I want a double flame at a minimum yet I want it to look stylish and elegant and fit into my other cigar accessories well too. Obviously the fuel has to be butane and refillable and I personally like to have a fuel window so I can know when to refill my lighter without ever getting caught out that it might not have enough fuel to light my cigars.

I also like the ability to adjust the flame size and strength. This gives me more choice and control over lighting my cigars. If I only have a thin cigar I don’t need a huge flame to light it, I like to be able to adjust the flame size to suit the cigar and the environment.

What Cigar Lighter Did I Buy?

I decided to treat myself and bought the Tonino Lamborghini lighter. Time will tell if I like it and how well it functions. I’ll be sure to share my results and thoughts on this lighter with due time on the blog. I got the black one with a little bit of red on it and at the moment am very impressed with how it looks and functions. I particularly like the honeycomb finish on the top surface of the lighter.

The lighter has a triple jet flame and is wind resistant. To me this lighter exudes style and luxury and the company itself is known for its high quality products. The lighter measures about 2.7inches high but fits comfortably in the palm of my hand.

Other Ways to Light a Cigar

There are a few choices when it comes to lighting cigars. One can also use cedar spills which are a very traditional cigar accessory and there are also cigar matches too. Everyone has their own opinions on what is best and what works for what cigar and situation however, I think the majority of the way you light a cigar boils down to what you personally like. Don’t feel you need to rush out and buy the best cigar lighter you can because  you read it somewhere. Feel free to explore and experiment and try different things! Ultimately it’s the best way to learn and become a cigar aficionado yourself!