I Got a New Humidor!

My dear wife bought me a new cigar humidor for Christmas and I have finally had a moment to stop and share it with you all. I travel quite a lot for my work which can be tiring at times but I do enjoy it immensely. Anyway, my wife bought me a travel humidor so I can take my cigars with me on my work trips and on future vacations with the family.

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Travel Cigar Humidor- A Very Merry Christmas

My wife knows how much I love my La Cubana desktop humidor so she stayed with the same company and bought me the genuine leather travel humidor! It is really good and came with the humidifier, hygrometer, syphone, brass key and lock and even a cutter. Not that I use the cutters that come with things – I take my cigar cutting very seriously and have a range of cutters at hand.  I am yet to actually take it with me as I have had some time off from work but I am looking forward to the next trip! I have a few cigars stored in it at the moment. My wife also had a gift voucher in there for me to buy some cigars as well. Yep, she’s a keeper I know!

The only thing I don’t like about the travel humidor is that it can hold I’d say maximum 10 cigars and even less if they are thick. BUT in saying that, I honestly couldn’t smoke that many cigars unless I was going away on a big trip and if I was going away on a big trip I’d probably plan for that. So it really is perfect for my needs. I use my desktop cigar humidor to hold my stogies but will transfer them across when I need to.

The leather finish gives it a very elegant finish which I like. The interior looks a little bit cheap but I’m ok with that! I can’t really complain nor comment about the price considering it was a gift!

Why You Need a Humidor

I believe my wife would have trusted the team over at Cigar Cigar Info when making her decision about what gift to buy for me. They are the only cigar site that I trust when it comes to Cigar Accessories and share very informative and knowledgeable posts. If you are looking for the Best Cigar Humidor then definitely read their article which reviews the top products as well as explains the need for humidors. If you don’t already know, cigars need to be kept at a very specific humidity to mimic the growing climate where the tobacco is from. This is very precise and for the best storage you need to keep your cigars at a humidity between 68-74% and a maximum temperature of 73°F  with the ideal temp being 70°F and 70% humidity. Humidors do all this for you, hence the importance of having a highly functional humidor!


It was a very Merry Christmas for me indeed and I am very thankful for my wife who surprised me with such a nice gift! I will have to report back and update this post once I’ve tested it out over my next work trip!