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How to Smoke a Cigar Properly?

Smoking a cigar has been long associated with rich, aristocratic and masculine men. However, the process of cigar smoking is usually overwhelming for many smokers who are used to lighter stuffs – such as cigarettes. As a beginner, you can end up making mistakes that can mar your experience of cigar smoking – which can put you off enough not to take up a cigar again. But these tips will help you to know how to properly smoke a cigar.

Cut your cigar

To begin, you need a guillotine cutter that comes with either one or two blades. Use it to cut the tip, so that you can light the cigar. Using your teeth or a knife will damage the cigar structure. It is essential to know where you should cut the cigar, given that cutting too low would cause difficulties in smoking it. If you cut too high, the wrapper will come off. It is best to cut your cigar exactly over the cap line, before the area where the curved end begins getting straight.

Light your cigar

While lighting the cigar, exercise patience, as a cigar is not a cigarette. It is best to use Butane lighter or wooden matches, as other things can lend a bad chemical taste to your cigar. Before lighting your cigar, you should warm it. Hold the flame exactly under your cigar, and roll your cigar. The lighter should be distant enough from the cigar, so that the flame is not in direct contact with the cigar. If you follow this method, you will make the cigar light more easily. Hold it at an angle of 45 degrees in your mouth while lighting it.

Smoke on your cigar

After you have lit it, start smoking the cigar. Inhale gradually and relish the smoke. Take care not to inhale the cigar smoke completely into the lungs. Inhale less but just enough to draw the cigar smoke into the mouth. Enjoy the taste and aroma, and exhale then. Go on like this until you have finished smoking the entire cigar.

Re-light if extinguished

At times, a cigar gets put out while you smoke it. In case that happens, you should just tap off ashes on the cigar top. Re-light the cigar just as you did while lighting it fresh at the start. Once you finish it, just keep it on the side of your ashtray. Do not stub it out. It will extinguish automatically.